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Professional Photographer

Jeremy Francis

IMG_2397-EditJeremy is not only a Professional Videographer who works with our team but also a Professional Photographer.  As you may have guessed if you have watched our video interviews, we love to humanize Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs.  Jeremy takes shots of Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs doing what they are passionate about when not working! Why have a headshot in the traditional, boring suit & tie or even a tshirt with your branding? Instead show who you really are – the fire within – your Passion! In the end we are all human, no matter how gifted, smart or successful & business is built on relationships. Your foto could reach out to people to inspire & enthuse them to also follow their passion!  And of course it will definitely help you do business by offering you a great way to start a really interesting & engaging conversation with others! Jeremy likes to feature risk takers – from rock climbing to running, from surfing to sailing, whenever people are in their moments of passion.




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