Investor Panel #startupcon

Investor Panel @TheStartupConference 2014.   Steve Goldberg, Partner, Venrock; Arif Janmohamed, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures; Amber Fowler, Partner, EchoVC; Kevin Swan, Partner, iNovia Capital; Marlon Nichols, Managing Director Intel Capital & Moderated by Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

Data, Spying & CEOs #databeat

We covered Databeat last week & here are a couple of interesting talks we filmed.
The balance of keeping data both flowing & protected.  Mobile devices have become the ultimate data collecting equipment.  What are the right ways to leverage this & create profitable data platforms with a sustainable user contract? What impact does the more holistic approach of gathering data about not only things but the processes between which things play? What does this demand of regulations & approaches? Opportunities in data as currency, as authentication token or even ways to refine governance, as well as its risks this explosive material can represent.  

John Henry Clippenger, Exec Director MIT Labs with Christina Farr, Venturebeat @Databeat 2013

The strategic importance of data science is beginning to shift organizational behavior – all the way to the executive suite.  How is data science changing the role of the CEO? What are the differences in how CEOs respond to this new force? How are they setting up their organizations to succeed – or fail -in this new era. Josh James, CEO Domo @Databeat 2013

Paul Graham, YCombinator & more #gmic

We covered GMIC Summit a few weeks back & filmed a couple of fireside chats with big names in the technology startup world.  Fireside chat with Paul Graham, Founder YCombinator

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder/VP Product Strategy Ubuntu & Canonical

Pavel Durov, Founder/CEO VK & Telegram

Martin Lau, President Tencent

Women in Games & Entertainment: Why it Just Makes Sense #gamesbeat

Great female panel @Gamesbeat 2013 on Women in Games & Entertainment: Why it Just Makes Sense.  They really made sense! What are the concrete benefits of diversity on creative teams? Why is it better for your business to include women at every level of decision making? What kinds of challenges can organizations overcome simply by being more open to the women they’ve already hired? Panelists: Caryl Shaw, Exec Producer Kixseye Mobile; Anna Kipnis, Senior Gameplay Developer DoubleFine; Chelsea Howe, Senior Game Designer Tiny Co with moderator Robin Hunicke, CoFounder Funomena

Data Week: Investor’s Perspective: Trends in Data & Analytics Investment

I organized & moderated an investor panel @Data Week with some fabulous investors in the Big Data space.  The focus of the panel was Investor’s Perspective: Trends in Data and Analytics Investment with Rachel Pike, DFJ; Cindy Padnos, Illuminate Ventures; Arif Janmohamed, Lightspeed; Benjamin Tseng, DCM; Shivon Zilis, Bloomberg Beta moderated by Pemo Theodore. It was a really interesting conversation also thanks to Burke Kaltenberger, VP Sales Infochimps who was unable to make it to moderate but was kind enough to share his questions with me.  Everyone had a lot of fun along with learning heaps.

VCs Having Fun @NVCA Live Venturescape

NVCA had a fabulous concert NVCA Live @The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco at the end of the first day of Venturescape. Great music & great bands & a good time was had by all!

Legitimate Front with Jason Mendelson

Up and to the Right band

The Exploding Warrants band

all the bands mixed together

Design with IDEO: Designing Sustainable Human Centered Business Models @Investors Circle Forum

Focused on innovative social design as IDEO discusses ways that their firm gains insights about customers & uses prototype  based experiments to help evaluate & explore business model options for business ventures.  Facilitators: David Aycan, Design Director IDEO & Joe Gerber, Business Designer IDEO @Investors Circle Spring Forum.

Term Sheets & Convertible Notes, Structuring the Deal @Investors Circle Spring Forum

An interactive legal discussion answering term sheet questions entrepreneurs often have as they prepare to take on their first outside investments. Facilitators Jonathan Storper, Partner Hanson Bridgett & Leslie Keil, Senior Counsel Hanson Bridgett @Investors Circle Spring Forum

James Redford: Advice to Entrepreneurs about Storytelling

I interviewed James Redford, CoFounder Redford Center & Jill Titman, Exec Director Redford Center @Investors Circle Forum.  James talks about his new movie ‘Watershed’.  He makes some brilliant documentaries on environmental issues. During the interview I asked him for advice about storytelling for entrepreneurs.

James Redford’s keynote @Investors Circle Spring Forum

Diversity in Tech Panel #Launch2013

We covered Launch in San Francisco last week.  This is the Diversity in Tech Panel with moderator Vivek Wadhwa who has been a great supporter/researcher of diversity in startups.  Panelists: Danilo Campos, Adria Richards & Freada Kapor Klein