Robert Scoble led NoPanels with NoKeynote #nopanels

Robert Scoble led NoPanels Summer 2014 with NoKeynote.  Fabulous talk – in fact it had a momentum all of its own! Robert was also kind enough to give me a quick interview after the talk.  (I got reprimanded!)   [embedt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GbgAnFh5Gw[/embedt]  


Investor Panel #startupcon

Investor Panel @TheStartupConference 2014.   Steve Goldberg, Partner, Venrock; Arif Janmohamed, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures; Amber Fowler, Partner, EchoVC; Kevin Swan, Partner, iNovia Capital; Marlon Nichols, Managing Director Intel Capital & Moderated by Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures Related articles Big Data, mobile CRM, social & more: CITE Insights […]


Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion most successful Aussie Kickstarter campaign #crowdfunding

I interviewed Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion, a fellow Aussie @Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference. At the time they were the most successful Kickstarter campaign to come out of Australia. He spoke about how they managed to do that because Kickstarter is not global only USA. They raised most of the money […]


Jeff Axup, CEO Sense6 #WearablesWorld

I met Jeff Axup, CEO Sense6 @Wearables World Demo Day & was very impressed with their service Sense6 is producing beautiful smart-jewelry for personal safety. The product looks like real fashion jewelry, but it has a hidden feature which lets a woman call an emergency operator in under a second. […]


Manu Kumar, Chief Firestarter K9 Ventures #launch

We bumped into Manu Kumar, K9 Ventures @Launch 2014. He was there to watch the demo for Coin as he was one of the earliest investors. He contributes greatly with a hands on approach with all startups in which he invests. As he said he invests ‘frighteningly’ early!  Check out […]


Tim Draper 6 Californias Press Conference Dec23 2013

We livestreamed Tim Draper 6 Californias Press Conference Dec 23 2013.  You can find more info on their website. Tim is always an innovator! You can view the press conference on Livestream or watch video. Related articles Yes, It’s Real: Tim Draper Gives Details On Ballot Initiative To Make Silicon Valley […]


Interview with John McAfee #C2SV

We covered C2SV & there were a couple of amazing interviews on the last day.  The highlight for me was the interview with John McAfee.  John speaks about his adventures in Berlize & how he escaped.  He also speaks about his new venture in online privacy & security. Related articles Interview […]


Bitcoin & Alternative Currencies #futuremoneytech

I am always really interested in Bitcoin & alternative currencies & we covered The Future of Money & Technology Summit.  Check out the videos below for the latest information in this area. The Future of Bitcoin @Future of Money & Technology. Moderator Brewster Kahle, Internet Credit Union; David Kinitsky, Bitcoin […]


Data, Spying & CEOs #databeat

We covered Databeat last week & here are a couple of interesting talks we filmed. The strategic importance of data science is beginning to shift organizational behavior – all the way to the executive suite.  How is data science changing the role of the CEO? What are the differences in […]


Fireside Chat with Paul Graham, YCombinator & more #gmic

We covered GMIC Summit a few weeks back & filmed a couple of fireside chats with big names in the technology startup world. Fireside chat with Paul Graham, Founder YCombinator   Martin Lau, President Tencent Pavel Durov, Founder/CEO VK & Telegram Mark Shuttleworth, Founder/VP Product Strategy Ubuntu & Canonical Related […]