Gal lost in Technology

I came to the technology world late in life but it has not diluted my passion for it.  I had a thriving coaching business in Dublin, Ireland after getting a business visa for many years through my business plan.  I worked hard to keep the business going along with doing […]


Ethics for Entrepreneurs

All the big business collapses over the last few years have exposed the lack of moral code & ethics in a lot of corporations, not to mention very unsatisfactory business models.  It appears that business needs a core of ethics & integrity to thrive and enjoy long term success.  Ethics […]


Pay it Forward Business Model

‘Pay It Forward’ was a brilliant movie – so inspiring & very sad at the end.  Its obvious from the economic challenges of the last few years that if we focus on benefit to others that we also benefit.  If we focus on only benefiting ourselves then everyone suffers.  The […]


Online Revenue Business Models

There have been a few conversations on the net this past week about advertising and ad blocking.  Many people have been complaining that ad blocking is hurting good sites who depend on advertising revenue.  Ars Technica posted an article ‘Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love’.  They […]


Origin Entrepreneurial Skills

There is a big debate going on in the blogosphere about whether you can learn to be an entrepreneur or whether it is genetic.  I believe its a mixture of both.  Over at Techcrunch Vivek Wadhwa wrote a post Can Entrepreneurs Be Made? and asserted that the research is indicative that […]


Women’s Place in Business

Techcrunch recently posted an article ‘Silicon Valley: You and Some of your VC’s Have a Gender Problem‘ by Vivek Wadhwa which has certainly stirred up the entrepreneurial community.  I responded in the comments: Pemo Theodore – February 10th, 2010 at 11:53 am UTC:  I recently pitched for a Seattle dating […]