TD Lowe: Protect your Ideas through EnovationNation

Born and raised in Phenix City, Alabama, TD Lowe is Founder and CEO of EnovationNation Inc, a meso-economist and self-taught techie whose passion for technology, economics and solutions serves as the inspiration EnovationNation.  As an alumnus of The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, TD uses […]


Why Are Women Funded Less than Men? ebook Free

I am offering my ebook ‘Why are Women Funded Less than Men‘ free & it  has now been edited to text only.  This version can be viewed on any device. I dedicated a year to this project video interviewing venture capitalists, angels & female founders on the shortfall in funding for women. […]


Guy Kawasaki: How to Self Publish

I interviewed Guy Kawasaki on his new book, Ape.  I was thrilled that we were aligned in our attitudes to social media, that it is important to publish relevant & interesting material.  He is a great guy & has contributed to the ecosystem profoundly. This is the brief background behind […]


Angels Best Practices #SmartMoneySV

We had a great Angel Roundtable @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley on Angels Best Practices.  It was moderated by Robert Scoble, Scobleizer & speakers were Jeff Pulver, Investor; Zohar Levkovitz, CoFounder Amobee; Bill Reichert, Managing Director  Garage Ventures; Wayne Sutton, Founder PitchTo; Neal Strickberger, Angel Investor; Prashant Shah, Board of Directors […]


VC Roundtables #SmartMoneySV

We had some great investors speak on vc roundtables @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley.  Here is the first one ‘Silicon Valley Venture Trends Roundtable’ which featured Cathy Lego, Lego Ventures; Eurie Kim, Principal Forerunner Ventures; Gamiel Gran, Partner Sierra Ventures; Saad Khan, Partner CMEA IT; Sarah Cone, Associate Illuminate Ventures; Christine […]


Steve Blank: Do Dysfunctional Families Breed Entrepreneurs?

Steve Blank spoke about his theory that dysfunctional families breed entrepreneurs @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley.  I find this is a fascinating subject & had shared his original article many years ago with many folks.  He also spoke about how Founders often need to move on when a startup grows.  As […]


Jalak Jobanputra: It Can Still Be Challenging for Women to be Heard

Jalak Jobanputra gave me a few minutes interview @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley last week.  I asked her to comment on how the ecosystem looks now for women raising funding.  She also gave her perspective on how things are shaping up for European entrepreneurs.  You can check out my interviews with […]


Chris Yeh: Make Yourself Known to Investors Early

I interviewed Chris Yeh @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley & he kindly offered advice for women raising capital.  He spoke about pattern matching that investors tend to use:  “The historical pattern is that they invest in young Caucasian or South East Asian men & they invest in people who graduate from […]


Angel Investing Overview #SmartMoneySV

Last week we had a fabulous 4 days of incredible speakers @Smart$ Executive Program in Silicon Valley which I coordinated.  It was an amazing education about investing & I wanted to share 2 talks about Angel Investing. Marya Stark is a Co-Founder of The Angel Fund, which brings key women in technology […]


Christine Herron, Intel Capital: Women Have Equal Access to Capital

Christine Herron, Managing Director Intel Capital was kind enough to give me an interview on female entrepreneurs who are raising funding.  Fabulous quotes from Christine: “If you try on a pair of jeans & it doesn’t fit quite right.  Say the bottom is too tight or the waist is too […]