Michal Avny: Funding Challenges for Female Startups in Israel

I interviewed Michal Avny, CoFounder Symbolab last week via skype.  She had just gotten Angel funding for her startup.  I asked her about the funding challenges for female startups in Israel. Michal Avny is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in innovation, research and technology formulation.  Michal […]


Mike Arsenault: Advice to Female Entrepreneurs

I interviewed Mike Arsenault, CoFounder Rejoiner @FailCon 2012 & he gave some advice to female entrepreneurs. Here is the talk that Mike gave @FailCon “How NOT to Manager Product” Here are the fotos from FailCon 2012 https://goo.gl/photos/G2hbVTPzJHcTeg886 Related articles Limited train service resuming in NYC after superstorm Sandy – CBS News […]


Gina Bianchini: Advice for Women Raising Investment #failcon

I did a quick interview with Gina Bianchini, Founder MightyBell & she offered some advice to women raising investment. Here’s a longer interview with Gina and here’s the fireside chat that Gina did with Cathy Brooks, Founder OtherThanThat Related articles Candid talk from entrepreneur Gina Bianchini how not to f*** up […]


Chip Conley: Advice to Women Entrepreneurs

I interviewed Chip Conley briefly @FailCon 2012.  He was hilarious but supportive. Watch the interview. Here is a longer interview Here is video of his talk ‘Breakdowns & Breakthroughs’ @FailCon 2012   Related articles My Great “Discovery” – Chip Conley (janepollakblog.com) In company of visionary friends: Chip Conley (creatingblueoceans.com) Founder of […]


Eric Ries: Build a New VC Pattern Recognition for Women #failcon

I did a quick video interview with Eric Ries, The Lean Startup @FailCon 2012. He suggested building a new vc pattern recognition for women. He also advises not to raise money until you have a market fit & undeniable traction. The official onstage interview was done by Christina Farr, Venturebeat. […]


Funding in the Music Tech Space #sfmusictech

The investor panel @SFMusicTech Summit 2012 was really interesting & lots of info for music startups that are looking to get funded.  Moderator Mark Montgomery, FLO with Larry Marcus, Walden Venture Capital; Hany Nada, GGV Capital; Lewis Gersh, MetamorphicVC & Patrick Kenealy, IDG Ventures. You can view fotos from the Summit […]


Investing in Women: WITI San Diego Investor Panel

I organized & moderated an investor panel for WITI San Diego ‘Investing in Women: Increasing Opportunities for Funding Women’ earlier in the year.  It has taken a while to get the video of the talk but better late than never & I am thrilled to be able to share it […]


Julie Samuels: A Look Inside Electronic Frontier Foundation

I video interviewed Julie Samuels, Staff Attorney @Electronic Frontier Foundation during SF Music Tech Summit 2012.  Julie was giving a talk with Ira Rothken, Rothken Law about the Megaupload Legal Case.  She spoke about the great work that EFF does to protect our legal rights online.  I encourage everyone to […]


Katryn Harris, Vitalitylink: Raising Angel Investment in Canada

Video interview with Katryn Harris about how she got angel investment in Canada.  Katryn is the CEO and founder of VitalityLink.com that transforms how people with chronic pain find healing.  Passionate about the triangle of communication, technology and holistic medicine, she is working to unite a fragmented industry and help people […]


Renee DiResta, OATV: Wall Street to Venture Capital

I recently video interviewed Renee DiResta, Associate @OATV to find out how she was enjoying the move from Wall Street to venture capital.  Bryce Roberts, Partner OATV had reached out to me a long while back & had complained that they weren’t getting any women applying for the position.  So […]