Jeff Axup, CEO Sense6 #WearablesWorld

Sense6 is producing beautiful smart-jewelry for personal safety. The product looks like real fashion jewelry, but it has a hidden feature which lets a woman call an emergency operator in under a second. It can also simultaneously send an SMS with her location to a loved one. Having someone know that you are in trouble and where to find you typically doesn’t happen until after the crime is committed, if at all. Artemis changes that.

The product is targeted at fashionable women age 25-40 who live or work in unsafe areas such as SF city. Artemis makes women feel more confident, but it also gives ‘significant others’ more peace of mind knowing that they will be instantly contacted if something goes wrong. The product has both a reasonably high initial price-point, and a recurring subscription model built in. Artemis is also part of the new emerging trend of ‘fashion wearables’ which is likely to take off in the next year.

Sense6 is looking to raise an initial seed round of 500k as well as to receive any feedback/advice on the concept from investors.