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Social media and easier access to tools of production and distribution started a communication revolution. But this broad access does not guarantee a quality message, statement or promotional video. Visual storytelling is similar to a language, and the understanding of all its possibilities is a requirement to create effective video productions. This goes beyond HD video cameras and editing equipment. Creating a video for your company that tells your story can make a difference and it starts by hiring the right professionals because people tell stories, cameras just record them.

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See some examples of our work below:

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AngelPad Founder Thomas Korte sums up the importance of Startup Videos

Wharton M&A promo

Pivotal Labs promos

Playphone PSGN Update

Technorati workplace promo

The Startup Conference 2015 promo

GABA Gala promo

Latino Startup Alliance Summit promo

Office Ninja’s Spring Fling Admin Bash

Avion Accelerator crowdfunding pitch video

Mack Talk Interview

Pivotal Labs Programming Presentation

Wharton Women’s talk promo

Investor Pitch Payqwick video