Levo League Founders: Choose Investors Thoughtfully

Video interview with Levo League Founders, Caroline Ghosn & Amanda Pouchot.  Levo League is a technology startup dedicated to accelerating career development of young professional women. They have raised $1.25m in their initial round of funding. Founded in 2011 Levo League’s mission is to help young professional women to thrive in the workplace without compromising their identities as women.  Caroline Ghosn is Co-Founder and CEO who spent three + years at McKinsey & Company, where she was immersed in projects spanning from Cleantech to philanthropy. Caroline met Levo League Co-Founder Amanda Pouchot on the first day of the job, where the two were the youngest in their respective assignments and frequently the only women.  Amanda Pouchot is Co-Founder and CIO of The Levo League, an innovative online community designed to guide Gen Y professional women through modern career challenges and development.

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