Michal Avny: Funding Challenges for Female Startups in Israel

Michal Avny is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in innovation, research and technology formulation.  Michal is the Co-Founder and CEO of EqsQuest, the creators of Symbolab, a semantic search engine for math & science. Symbolab introduces a breakthrough in search technology by enabling search and discovery of scientific content using scientific notations.  Prior to founding EqsQuest, Michal was the head of Relegence IL, a pioneer in real time search technology. The company develops groundbreaking, revolutionary, Real Time Search systems. For 10 years, Michal built the Relegence R&D and innovation teams from the ground up leading to a successful acquisition by AOL in 2006.  Prior to joining Relegence, Michal collaborated with various technology companies in the Washington D.C. area as a senior consultant for over 10 years. Among the companies are Disclosure, Vantage, Comsearch, Vidar and Marquette. She helped innovate, architect, and develop state of the art information systems. Her significant contribution, innovation, leadership and direction resulted in a buyout of Vantage.  Michal is recognized as an expert in the field of Information Retrieval, Real Time Search and Discovery.  Michal holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Tel Aviv University.  You can contact Michal on Twitter @michaltest

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