Torben Rankine: Portuguese Startup Culture

Torben Rankine Country Manager Leadership Business Consulting/Coordinator Global Strategic Innovation Programs focused on Portuguese startups.  Angelika Blendstrup interviewed him about Portuguese startups & women entrepreneurs.  Torben is a financial and Management consultant with over 12 years experience. He has worked in investment sales and management and as a project director in the financial, insurance, transport, telecoms and public administration sectors. He has a deep understanding of the Iberian markets and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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What inspires you at End of the Day?

I happened to see this great animated video during the week which is well worth 10minutes of your time to watch.  To summarize some of his point is that if there is just a rudimentary cognitive skill that higher monetary rewards leads to poorer performance.  If you want engagement, self direction is better.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Predator or Prey?

M&A language makes use of the words “predators” and “prey.” These terms may have some nasty connotations for you, but let’s agree for our purposes that there is a mutual choice involved and a positive outcome for both parties.  Instead of something dark and dangerous, a predator is someone with the financial and operational strength to purchase a business.  And prey is a business that actively seeks a buyer.

Many, many companies have become prey as a result of the current reshaping of the global economy.  But even in a healthy economy, the day will come when we become willing prey.  How do we become smart prey – able to reap the highest dollar final rewards of our efforts?

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