Randy Komisar, Kleiner Perkins on ‘The Trial’ & All Diversity in Silicon Valley

Randy Komisar, KPCB spoke on ‘The Trial’ & Diversity of all types in Silicon Valley when speaking @TheStartupConference 2015.  “Randy said how sad & disturbed he felt  through this litigation. He had a lot of respect for the jury – they did something really important that all of us need to do & that is separate the facts of this case from the really important issue of Diversity in the Valley.  It was conflated in this case – it was a bad case! Clearly the jury was decisive in this case, they had no trouble finding us to be completely guilt free. That being said the press had a biggger narrative about the valley that they tried to pull us into & resisted the real facts in this case. If you just read the press & weren’t in the courtroom, it was easy to convict Kleiner Perkins. If you were in the courtroom with the jury, very liberal jury 6 men & 6 women, they had no trouble finding that they were not guilty. The problem is its a powerful narrative, its an important narrative. The case is not part of that narrative.  The narrative is we need more diversity in this valley, not just gender diversity. He means people of color, ethnicity, people who have physical challenges, older people who are being left out of what is happening in the valley. The reason its really important isn’t simply an issue of Fairness. It isn’t simply an issue of what is good for business because diversity is good for business. It’s also an issue of how important the valley is to inventing the future of social dynamics. If you take a look at what is being created here in the valley & what leaks out to the world, there’s so much influence around how we interact, how we communicate, how we relate to each other. If we do not have representation in that dialogue, in that discussion that is being innovated here every day in Silicon Valley, we are missing out on a bigger opportunity. Diversity is an important issue.  Kleiner Perkins has always been part of that discussion. Five years before the trial theres a piece you can see that he did online where he talks about this issue.  The facts of the case are that Kleiner Perkins turned out to have the most diverse group of partners in the entire industry. But its not enough! They continue to work every day to improve that diversity. They continue to lead their industry in setting the standards & best practices for diversity. As a group in Silicon Valley we cannot rest until we are more inclusive of people & points of view that help form the future.  Diversity is the important issue & that’s where we need to put our attention!

This is the interview that I did with Randy in 2010 about female entrepreneurs & women vcs, which he refers to in the talk above.

BatKid Begins movie: interview with Director Dana Nachman #cinequest

We covered the Red Carpet opening nite of Cinequest 2015.  This is the interview with ‘BatKid Begins’ Video interview with Dana Nachman, Director ‘Batkid Begins’ & Kurt Kuenne, CoWriter/Sound Designer & Don Hardy, Dir Photography: a movie that celebrates Humanity.

Mashup of the opening nite of Cinequest 2015

Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite #adtechsf

We covered AdTech San Francisco & Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite gave a fabulous talk on social media.  We learnt heaps & video of the talk is below.

Mashup of AdTech San Francisco.  There were some amazing demos & sights (including the angel in foto but she wasn’t the kind of angel we are used to, not able to fund startups!) – loads of fun!

Irish startups @TechCrunch DISRUPT

I lived in Dublin, Ireland for many years & am impressed with how the current government is supporting Irish startups.  I did my bit for the cause & we interviewed a number of Irish startups @TechCrunch DISRUPT last week.  You can view the video interviews above.

I also interviewed Deirdre Moran, VP High Growth Companies Ireland who told me a little about the mission of the IDA & also gave me an update on how the Irish economy is growing.

VCs Having Fun @NVCA Live Venturescape

NVCA had a fabulous concert NVCA Live @The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco at the end of the first day of Venturescape. Great music & great bands & a good time was had by all!

Legitimate Front with Jason Mendelson

Up and to the Right band

The Exploding Warrants band

all the bands mixed together

Canada Wants Your Startup! Canadian Minister Immigration

Canada has a new Startup Visa, you may have seen the billboard when leaving or arriving San Francisco Airport. I interviewed Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism @TIE Con 2103. Apologies for the noise but Jason still managed to get the point across.  Canada wants you if you’re a great startup!  Watch the interview.

World’s Largest VC Office Hours @NVCA Venturescape

We had the pleasure to cover the World’s Largest VC Office Hours @NVCA Venturescape.  Hundreds of venture capitalists & entrepreneurs came together for an afternoon of networking, mentoring & idea exhcange.  The goal: unleash a massive surge of creative synergy that will energize the participants in their quest for growth.  It was an amazing experience with incredible people.  This interview includes Corey Epstein, Founder/CEO 20jeans; Toyna Chin; Read N Rhyme; Scott Morgan, Founder/CEO Education Pioneers; Robert M Linck, CEO Shell Technology Ventures; Michael Wohlschleager, CoFounder/CEO Pingage; Dimitris Moraitis, CTO/CoFounder mist.io & Chris; John W Steidley, CEO Intelligent Mobile Support; Aleda Schaffer, Manager Sales American Airlines; Samantha Fryberger, VP Marketing jumpstart, Steven Otu, CoFounder Distribb.com; Reid Tatoris, CoFounder Are You a Human.

After an incredible evening of really great music, I interviewed Jason Mendelson, Managing Director Foundry Group & 2013 Venturescape Chair.  After a very late nite & putting so much energy into playing with his band the nite before, I asked him how being a musician contributed to his success as a venture capitalist.  I also asked him his thoughts on the changes that are happening to the venture industry.  Really interesting responses, have a look at the interview.

Diversity in Tech Panel #Launch2013

We covered Launch in San Francisco last week.  This is the Diversity in Tech Panel with moderator Vivek Wadhwa who has been a great supporter/researcher of diversity in startups.  Panelists: Danilo Campos, Adria Richards & Freada Kapor Klein

Girls in Tech San Francisco Investor Panel #gitsf

We attended Girls in Tech San Francisco Investor Panel this week. It featured Moderator Scott Kupor, Partner Andreessen Horowitz & panelists include Megan Quinn, Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers; Randy Williams, Founder Keirestu Forum; Paul Singh, Partner 500 Startups & Karla Zens, Founder Zip Cup.  Thanks to Girls in Tech for putting on an interesting panel.

Attracting Angel Investors &/or Venture Capital #foundingmomsf

Last week I gave a talk to the Founding Moms’ Exchange in San Francisco about raising investment for female entrepreneurs.  It was a great crowd of mompreneurs & we had a fabulous conversation about the issues.

Here’s the first part of the talk!

“There’s no question that there is a gender gap when it comes to businesses attracting funding. Pemo Theodore has spent the past two years interviewing angel investors and venture capitalists to find out why women-owned businesses are so often left out, and more importantly, what we can do about it. Anne Raimondi, Co-Founder & CEO of One Jackson will join us to provide her recent real-world experience raising VC. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn how to perfect your pitch!”

Anne Raimondi, CoFounder OneJackson joined us for the 2nd part of the talk.  Excuse the lack of centering of the camera – my videographer was not present to ensure it was centered. Anne’s career has been focused on fast-growth consumer and consumer technology companies including Gymboree and BlueNile, where she was a member of the founding team. At eBay, Anne launched eBay Stores and headed marketing, mechandising and all seller features, and she was head of product and user experience at Zazzle. She served as VP of Product & Marketing for Insider Pages (sold to Citysearch / IAC) and VP of Marketing for SurveyMonkey before starting One Jackson. A mother of three, Anne received her BA & MBA from Standford University. When she’s not working or at swim meets, Anne serves as a parent volunteer Art Vistas docent helping to teach art in public schools.

Here’s the second part of the talk: