Randy Komisar, Kleiner Perkins on ‘The Trial’ & All Diversity in Silicon Valley

Randy Komisar, KPCB spoke on ‘The Trial’ & Diversity of all types in Silicon Valley when speaking @TheStartupConference 2015.  “Randy said how sad & disturbed he felt  through this litigation. He had a lot of respect for the jury – they did something really important that all of us need to do & that is separate the facts of this case from the really important issue of Diversity in the Valley.  It was conflated in this case – it was a bad case! Clearly the jury was decisive in this case, they had no trouble finding us to be completely guilt free. That being said the press had a biggger narrative about the valley that they tried to pull us into & resisted the real facts in this case. If you just read the press & weren’t in the courtroom, it was easy to convict Kleiner Perkins. If you were in the courtroom with the jury, very liberal jury 6 men & 6 women, they had no trouble finding that they were not guilty. The problem is its a powerful narrative, its an important narrative. The case is not part of that narrative.  The narrative is we need more diversity in this valley, not just gender diversity. He means people of color, ethnicity, people who have physical challenges, older people who are being left out of what is happening in the valley. The reason its really important isn’t simply an issue of Fairness. It isn’t simply an issue of what is good for business because diversity is good for business. It’s also an issue of how important the valley is to inventing the future of social dynamics. If you take a look at what is being created here in the valley & what leaks out to the world, there’s so much influence around how we interact, how we communicate, how we relate to each other. If we do not have representation in that dialogue, in that discussion that is being innovated here every day in Silicon Valley, we are missing out on a bigger opportunity. Diversity is an important issue.  Kleiner Perkins has always been part of that discussion. Five years before the trial theres a piece you can see that he did online where he talks about this issue.  The facts of the case are that Kleiner Perkins turned out to have the most diverse group of partners in the entire industry. But its not enough! They continue to work every day to improve that diversity. They continue to lead their industry in setting the standards & best practices for diversity. As a group in Silicon Valley we cannot rest until we are more inclusive of people & points of view that help form the future.  Diversity is the important issue & that’s where we need to put our attention!

This is the interview that I did with Randy in 2010 about female entrepreneurs & women vcs, which he refers to in the talk above.

BatKid Begins movie: interview with Director Dana Nachman #cinequest

We covered the Red Carpet opening nite of Cinequest 2015.  This is the interview with ‘BatKid Begins’ Video interview with Dana Nachman, Director ‘Batkid Begins’ & Kurt Kuenne, CoWriter/Sound Designer & Don Hardy, Dir Photography: a movie that celebrates Humanity.

Mashup of the opening nite of Cinequest 2015

Randy Komisar, Partner KPCB: Innovation is Distributed Around the Planet Wherever there are Smart People

Randy Komisar, Partner Kleiner Perkins talks about European Startups & Incubators,  The truth is that innovation is distributed around the planet, wherever there are smart people and that’s everywhere. Innovation is just part of the creative drive, the human condition to solve problems & create. And there’s no significant advantage to growing up here in Silicon Valley versus growing up in Bhutan to be able to solve great problems. The advantage is as follows: Whilst innovation may be evenly spread & distributed around the world, entrepreneurship is a profession, entrepreneurship has a best practice. And the best practice of entrepreneurship on the planet remains in Silicon Valley. That’s not to say there aren’t great practice areas around the world, there are. That’s not to say that Silicon Valley will be the best practice of entrepreneurship 10 years from now, it may not? But it took 70 years for Silicon Valley to create a culture of risk taking, to create an environment of resources & investment & more importantly to create an expectation that great minds would invest in great minds. Not just money in great minds but their minds in great minds to help create the next new thing. That’s something that I find missing in other cultures. When I talk to my European counterparts in particular to European entrepreneurs, they tell me two things. They tell me if they try & fail in Europe its a personal failure not just a business failure. That’s not the case in Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley if that were the case we would not have far fewer risk takers & far fewer entrepreneurs than we have today. Business values are business values and if you fail for the right reasons, which is pretty much any reason other than being corrupt, stupid or lazy then you have an education. Then you are more valuable. The other thing the entrepreneurs in Europe tell me is when somebody is successful in Europe, an entrepreneur has a big win, they disappear from the scene. They retire, they buy a yacht, they do whatever they’re going to do. But they don’t do what happens here in Silicon Valley, reinvest themselves in the next generation. And until you have generation upon generation re-investing themselves in the success, the guidance, the mentoring of the next generation then you don’t have a real fly wheel mechanism in your entrepreneurial culture.

This interview was originally recorded in July 2010

Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion most successful Aussie Kickstarter campaign #crowdfunding

I interviewed Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion, a fellow Aussie @Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference. At the time they were the most successful Kickstarter campaign to come out of Australia. He spoke about how they managed to do that because Kickstarter is not global only USA. They raised most of the money in an afternoon. His advice for a successful crowdfunding campaign is Prepare, prepare, prepare.

This video interview was shot by Jeremy Obertone with a RED camera.

Stacy Dean Stephens, VP Marketing & Sales Knightscope #launch

Interview with Stacy Dean Stephens, VP Marketing & Sales Knightscope @Launch 2104.  Fabulous security robot!  Knightscope creates autonomous data machines to predict & prevent crime. They are a seed stage company & they’re oversubscribed in their seed stage.  Their primary customer is corporate campuses & private security.  They want to be able to augment their current security service & give them a force multiplier. Give them a robot to help them do the mundane & maybe boring activities & leave the hands on activities to humans.

Tim Draper 6 Californias Press Conference Dec23 2013

We livestreamed Tim Draper 6 Californias Press Conference Dec 23 2013.  You can find more info on their website. Tim is always an innovator!

You can view the press conference on Livestream or watch video.

Paul Graham, YCombinator & more #gmic

We covered GMIC Summit a few weeks back & filmed a couple of fireside chats with big names in the technology startup world.  Fireside chat with Paul Graham, Founder YCombinator

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder/VP Product Strategy Ubuntu & Canonical

Pavel Durov, Founder/CEO VK & Telegram

Martin Lau, President Tencent

Meron Gribetz, CEO/Founder meta #GLAZED

I interviewed Meron Gribetz, CEO/Founder meta @GLAZED Conference. Meta can show phone, laptop & other device info & show in 3D space via the glasses. The paradigm is changing. He spoke about how they have raised their Seed Round & are not about to do Series A. They have sold $1m worth of goods over the last few months. YCombinator have funded them. He has an Aussie CoFounder whom he met when he was studying maths @Sydney University. He invented meta in Oz.

Canada Wants Your Startup! Canadian Minister Immigration

Canada has a new Startup Visa, you may have seen the billboard when leaving or arriving San Francisco Airport. I interviewed Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism @TIE Con 2103. Apologies for the noise but Jason still managed to get the point across.  Canada wants you if you’re a great startup!  Watch the interview.

VC Roundtables #SmartMoneySV

We had some great investors speak on vc roundtables @SmartMoney Silicon Valley.  Here is the first one ‘Silicon Valley Venture Trends Roundtable’ which featured Cathy Lego, Lego Ventures; Eurie Kim, Principal Forerunner Ventures; Gamiel Gran, Partner Sierra Ventures; Saad Khan, Partner CMEA IT; Sarah Cone, Associate Illuminate Ventures; Christine Tsai, Partner 500Startups with moderator Christina Farr, Venturebeat.

This is the second one VC Best Practices which featured Bipul Sinha, Partner Lightspeed Ventures; Mark Rose, EIR; Ho Nam, Partner Altos Ventures; Ayaz ul Haque, Managing Director Exalt Capital Partners; Jacob Ner-David, serial entrepreneur with moderator Perri Gorman, Founder/CEO archive.ly & Organizer Startup Grind

Steve Blank: Do Dysfunctional Families Breed Entrepreneurs?

Steve Blank spoke about his theory that dysfunctional families breed entrepreneurs @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley.  I find this is a fascinating subject & had shared his original article many years ago with many folks.  He also spoke about how Founders often need to move on when a startup grows.  As long as everyone is clear about this fact that Founders’ skills are more about research & that building a company requires other skills, then there is nothing wrong.  His original article which is brilliant is on VentureBeat  You can find Steve @his blog & on Twitter @sgblank

You can view Steve’s complete talk @SmartMoney Silicon Valley here

Jalak Jobanputra: It Can Still Be Challenging for Women to be Heard

Jalak Jobanputra gave me a few minutes interview @SmartMoney Silicon Valley last week.  I asked her to comment on how the ecosystem looks now for women raising funding.  She also gave her perspective on how things are shaping up for European entrepreneurs.  You can check out my interviews with Jalak a couple of years ago Women Startups & Venture Capitalists & European Startups & Venture

Jalak is a venture capitalist with 20 years experience in digital media, enterprise software, communications, broadband infrastructure, healthcare IT, ed tech, mobile and Internet in NYC, Silicon Valley, Boston, India, Africa, Europe. Investments include Outside.in (sold to AOL), TxVia (prepaid card processing platform, sold to Google), Thumbplay (mobile music subscription service), Imagespan (digital media monetization platform), Datasynapse (enterprise grid and cloud computing, sold to Tibco), Viacore (enterprise partner integration, sold to IBM), Demantra (demand chain management, sold to Oracle), Yodlee (online banking), Zinio (magazine ereader). She spearheaded formation of NYCSeed in 2008, seed fund for early stage startups in NYC. Served on its Investment Committee and Venture Advisory Board. Portfolio includes Enterproid, Seatgeek, Magnetic,Ticketfly. Selection committee, mentor and speaker for 2010 Seedstart, NYC’s first accelator bootcamp.  You can follow Jalak on Twitter @jalak

Here is the keynote that she gave @SmartMoney Silicon Valley ‘Macro & Micro Trends in Global Tech Landscape’