Mary Hodder: Emotional Literacy Solve “Male Dominated” Tech & Business

This is a guest post by Mary Hodder originally posted on her blog napsterization

Mary Hodder is a veteran Silicon Valley technologist, most recently founding Wellness Mobile, and prior to that as VP Products at Apisiphere, a geolocation mobile company building an enterprise platform for mobile developers. While at Apisphere, she oversaw development of 12 mobile location products and the platform. Prior to that, she founded, a social search site for web video. Mary has worked with large and small organizations as Product Developer / information architect / interaction designer on search, web, gaming, open source software, photo sharing, blog aggregation, media distribution products. Her research includes creating a 100p survey of current new media research and development for New Media for the American Press Inst. She has been on the board of several mission-related organizations including Attention Trust and One Web Day. She blogs at Napsterization and was an original author at bIPlog (the first UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism blog, on intellectual property, security and privacy), has a Masters from School of Information at UCB, 2004 and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Prior to her masters, she was at Adobe Systems for 5 years.

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