Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion most successful Aussie Kickstarter campaign #crowdfunding

I interviewed Robert Yearsley, CEO/CoFounder Collusion, a fellow Aussie @Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference. At the time they were the most successful Kickstarter campaign to come out of Australia. He spoke about how they managed to do that because Kickstarter is not global only USA. They raised most of the money in an afternoon. His advice for a successful crowdfunding campaign is Prepare, prepare, prepare.

This video interview was shot by Jeremy Obertone with a RED camera.

Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite #adtechsf

We covered AdTech San Francisco & Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite gave a fabulous talk on social media.  We learnt heaps & video of the talk is below.

Mashup of AdTech San Francisco.  There were some amazing demos & sights (including the angel in foto but she wasn’t the kind of angel we are used to, not able to fund startups!) – loads of fun!

Gina Lujan & Petro Petricevic, HackerCare #launch

I interviewed Gina Lujan, Community Chief & Petro Petricevic, Evangelist HackerCare @Launch 2014.  HackerCare is a tech organization that offers transparent health care coverage, navigation, and savings to members of the tech community.  This business sprung out of Hacker Lab in Sacramento.  They are hacking health care. They are trying to get as many people on board so they can do a deductible pool where they can  do a 80/20 split.  They can raise money & rather than paying 100% for health care insurance they will help you pay 80% & leave 20% for you to pay.  Get on board all you hackers out there this is fabulous for the community!  Check out their website  They are humanizing healthcare in this country. There should be benefits when you are not sick & so they decided to build an ecosystem of partners that offer members specific discounts.  If you’re paying your benefits every month you get offers if you’re not sick.  They are opening it up to all 50 states!  HackerCare was written up in TechCrunch, check it out!

Vince Pizzica, Technicolor #GLAZED

I interviewed Vince Pizzica, President Corp Partnerships & Ventures Technicolor @GLAZED Conference. He’s a fellow Aussie expat.  He spoke about Technicolor which is at the forefront of innovation & technology in media where artistry meets technology.  They have worked with Hollywood for 100 years.  They like to think & invest like a startup to be on the bleeding edge of innovation so ‘100 year old startup’.  They are the leader in physical media & that will change. He spoke about living in the Bay area after Paris & Oz.  He loves being able to speak about how you can walk into any café in the Bay area & talk about big ideas – nowhere else in the world!

Canada Wants Your Startup! Canadian Minister Immigration

Canada has a new Startup Visa, you may have seen the billboard when leaving or arriving San Francisco Airport. I interviewed Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism @TIE Con 2103. Apologies for the noise but Jason still managed to get the point across.  Canada wants you if you’re a great startup!  Watch the interview.

Randy Komisar, Partner KPCB @Investors Circle Spring Forum

Keynote fireside chat Randy gave with Cathy Clark, Founding Director CASE i3, Duke University @Investors Circle Spring Forum.

Randy Komisar is a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He joined the firm in 2005 and focuses on the firm’s digital and greentech practices.  Randy is a founding director of TiVo and serves on the advisory board of Roadtrip Nation, as well as on the global advisory board for the University of California, Santa Barbara, Institute for Energy Efficiency. He is a lecturer on entrepreneurship at Stanford University and the author of the best-selling book The Monk and the Riddle, as well as several articles on leadership and entrepreneurship. He is also the co-author of Getting to Plan B, a book on managing innovation. Randy frequently speaks in the United States and abroad on such topics. Randy holds a B.A. degree in economics from Brown University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Canadian VC: Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick, Beehive

Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick, President/Founder of Beehive Holdings.  Nanon is responsible for the deal flow in the USA, shaping the strategy and culture of Beehive Holdings, and for overseeing implementation of its strategic plan.  Born in Montreal, QC, Nanon attended a French Lyceé, then headed to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.  Nanon received a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.   Prior to founding Beehive, Nanon worked in sales and marketing for Playtex International before moving on to become Sr. Vice President of Telemedia Corporation for 10 years.  Nanon resides in BC with her husband and 2 children.   Nanon is currently serving as a Director on the following Boards:   UBC/VGH Hospital Foundation, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE), and a foundation dedicated to resolving North America’s water crisis and the de Gaspé Beaubien Family Foundation. @BeehiveVC

TD Lowe: Protect your Ideas through EnovationNation

Born and raised in Phoenix City, Alabama, TD Lowe is Founder and CEO of EnovationNation Inc, a meso-economist and self-taught techie whose passion for technology, economics and solutions serves as the inspiration EnovationNation.  As an alumnus of The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, TD uses her education as the foundation of her business principles and beliefs. With 10 years of experience in Finance and Strategy and a desire to change the world, EnovationNation led by TD will reformulate the landscape of the world’s economy through fluid innovation.

Great animation about EnovationNation & how it helps innovators

Steve Blank: Do Dysfunctional Families Breed Entrepreneurs?

Steve Blank spoke about his theory that dysfunctional families breed entrepreneurs @Smart$Money in Silicon Valley.  I find this is a fascinating subject & had shared his original article many years ago with many folks.  He also spoke about how Founders often need to move on when a startup grows.  As long as everyone is clear about this fact that Founders’ skills are more about research & that building a company requires other skills, then there is nothing wrong.  His original article which is brilliant is on VentureBeat  You can find Steve @his blog & on Twitter @sgblank

You can view Steve’s complete talk @SmartMoney Silicon Valley here

Investing in Women: WITI San Diego Investor Panel

I organized & moderated an investor panel for WITI San Diego ‘Investing in Women: Increasing Opportunities for Funding Women’ earlier in the year.  It has taken a while to get the video of the talk but better late than never & I am thrilled to be able to share it with those who did not attend the event.  The conversation was really fabulous & really added value about women raising investment with some brilliant investors.  

Barbara Bry CEO Blackbird Ventures incubates early stage technology companies. She was on the founding team of Provide, and Atcom/Info, a software company that pioneered high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms. In addition, she and her husband teach entrepreneurship at UC San Diego and write a weekly column on entrepreneurship for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She is also the founder of San Diego Athena, the leading organization for women in the San Diego technology and life sciences community, she was the first editor of the non-profit investigative news site Voice of San Diego, and she was the first associate director of CONNECT which has received international recognition for its role in nurturing early stage tech and life sciences companies.

Vern Yates experienced CEO, Advisor, Mentor and Investor in early stage companies.  Vern founded the San Diego Network of Tech Coast Angels and has served as Chairman of its Board of Governors.  Vern is currently CEO of Ameranth, a wireless software company, and a board member of Virtual Metrix, Filmetrics and Controltec, and was a board member of Tourmaline Networks until its sale.  Vern spent his working career in telecommunications, computers and software and is a member of the George Washington University Engineering Hall of Fame.

Mark Suster Partner GRP Partners Mark was Vice President, Product Management at following its acquisition of Koral, where Mark was Founder and CEO. Prior to Koral, Mark was Founder and CEO of BuildOnline, the largest independent global content collaboration company focused on the engineering and construction sectors, which was acquired by SWORD Group. Earlier in his career, Mark spent nearly ten years working for Accenture in Europe, Japan and the U.S.  Mark received a BA in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Mark led the investment in Factual and currently sits on the Boards of the following companies in GRP’s portfolio:,, Burstly, Factual, GumGum, Pose and Ring Revenue.

Who Wins the Crowdfunding Site Awards?

The 2 major players online Crowdfunding Sites are Indiegogo & Kickstarter.  Of course there are many niche Crowdfunding Sites which may suit your needs. Here is a quick comparison which clearly shows Indiegogo to be the winner.  You should also check out my video interview with Danae Ringelmann, CoFounder Indiegogo.  Also the Crowdfunding Panel #startupconf