Chris Yeh: Make Yourself Known to Investors Early

I interviewed Chris Yeh @SmartMoney Silicon Valley & he kindly offered advice for women raising capital.  He spoke about pattern matching that investors tend to use:  “The historical pattern is that they invest in young Caucasian or South East Asian men & they invest in people who graduate from the Stanford Computer Science Department. They think to themselves that things just naturally seem to work out!  But if you dig deeper down into there is another side of which women entrepreneurs can take advantage.  Investors like to invest with pattern matching but even more so investors like to invest in people they know.  Given a choice between the pattern matching & investing in a person they know & like, they’re going to invest in the person they know every time.”

Here is the talk that Chris gave SmartMoney Silicon Valley “Silicon Valley Ecosystem”: it definitely was a ‘barn burner’! Thanks Chris

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