Christine Herron, Intel Capital: Women Have Equal Access to Capital

Christine Herron, Managing Director Intel Capital was kind enough to give me an interview on female entrepreneurs who are raising funding.  Fabulous quotes from Christine: “If you try on a pair of jeans & it doesn’t fit quite right.  Say the bottom is too tight or the waist is too loose.  There are 2 ways of looking at that situation.  Is your butt too big or your waist too small?”  “We all need to say our waist is too small.  I’ve already committed half of my round, you need to step up!  Have a sense of urgency about the other half, not this sense of desperation that it hasn’t been taken yet!” “No doubt the men would say, its already half gone, you need to hurry!  They would never say their butts are too big!”  “That’s the analogy, learning to appreciate those milestones & being able to cheer yourself on & cheer your team on.  But also say to someone else, hey you’re really missing the boat if you’re not participating in this.  That is a skill that I see many entrepreneurs develop & that many accelerators promote.”

“Funding is often correlated with dating.  But you don’t often stop dating someone & get references for who your next date should be.  This is not how dating works but it is how funding works!”  “I’m surprised that so few people ask, Who else should I be talking to?”

Christine gave a fabulous talk SmartMoney Silicon Valley & educated us all about Venture Capital 101.

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