Business Models for Entrepreneurs

Over the past decade, the attention toward Business Models is increasingly growing. Start-upers, investors, large corporations, etc… are questioning this topic. The reason is that the business model is a very powerful tool that can disrupt an existing market and contribute to the competitive advantage of an innovator! However, many companies fail to recognize the potential threat coming from a novel business model of incumbents. This short white paper intends to provide an overview of what the business model is and to guide readers through the challenging business model design process by giving them some recommendations. 

Video interview with Anna Baranskaya, Ph.D., who is an expert in strategy, innovation, business models, and business development related to mass products in telecommunication and high-tech industries. She participates in mentoring and consulting projects for start-ups and carries out research in areas of her expertise. For a long time, she was working at VimpelCom Ltd. (brand “Beeline), one of the global telecommunication leaders based in Russia, where she was responsible for new business development. She is currently based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and Moscow, Russia. The iDNA club where Anna currently does her Start-up Clinic (it is currently available only in Russian) as she mentions in her interview below. She hopes to set it up in English on a permanent website.