Gal lost in Technology

That was 5 years ago at the end of this month & I have followed this dream since.  I moved to London and set up a business.  I worked hard during the week days for others to pay to start my own online business.  The learning curve was often steep but I love learning.  I got up at 4am some mornings to work on my own server and came home in the evening to answer emails.  Weekends I worked on the server & business accounts.  I learnt to work with programmers who were often relating-challenged.  I mainly learnt the hard way.

I started writing a blog and using Twitter early 2007 and found a great passion arise through writing and technology.  I remember pitching to an Women’s Angel group.  There was only one woman present and I gathered that she was the token woman.  The man in charge said to come back once the business was making money.  I was confused – I thought that you went to Angels before your business was making money.  When the token woman walked me to the door at the end of the pitch, I asked whether she had many women come with technology business.  She said no – that they mainly saw women in fashion or baby clothes?????

I have never learnt code officially but have garnered a lot of information from the web and from programmers who were willing to educate me.  I still work 24×7 but not at the people coal face, now at the web coal face.  I still dream of the day when I can cut back & have a life again like others & am sure that that day is not too far away.  The foundation of hard work & focus on an online business have changed me in so many great ways. I am grateful to be a part of the technology community

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