Renee DiResta, OATV: Wall Street to Venture Capital

I recently video interviewed Renee DiResta, Associate @OATV to find out how she was enjoying the move from Wall Street to venture capital.  Bryce Roberts, Partner OATV had reached out to me a long while back & had complained that they weren’t getting any women applying for the position.  So I had shared his post across my social networks “Let’s Try This Again Ladies: OATV is Hiring”, asking for women to consider the position & apply.  I was really thrilled when I heard that they had hired a woman.  Renee had some interesting perspectives about venture capital & the differences from her past career on Wall Street. Renee invests in technology companies at the seed stage. OATV is a theme-driven fund with a focus on innovative technology that ultimately creates new markets and long-term value. Renee’s role spans the entire investment process: opportunity review, diligence, market landscape analysis, and work with the portfolio companies. Prior to joining OATV, Renee was an emerging market equity derivatives trader at Jane Street Capital, a quantitative proprietary trading firm in New York. She has a B.S. in Computer Science and Political Science from the Honors College at SUNY Stony Brook. She is also active in social venture as a member of the Leadership Council of The Resolution Project, a nonprofit that empowers young people to enact social-change projects across the globe. You can reach her on Twitter at @noUpside, or on LinkedIn.