Seduction & The Pitch

  1. Look your best
  2. Look & feel confident, you are more likely to receive positive response if you demonstrate positivity.
  3. Be clear about what you have to offer & what you are looking for in a partner.
  4. Don’t be boring, enjoying a laugh relieves the tension of the first meeting
  5. Be creative & be remembered
  6. Have a conversation. Be clear & succinct, speak simply & most of all be authentic
  7. Engage the other, ask questions & check to see how they are reacting to your input
  8. Look for opportunities to suggest connecting again to continue to develop the relationship

I have seen many entrepreneurs pitch and these are winning strategies. The pitch is about showcasing your startup. However without a good pitch that seduces or at the very least instigates interest in a potential partner, your brilliant startup may not receive the attention it deserves to fully realize its full potential.

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